Our Vision

We believe our community and surrounding area will be transformed for God’s glory as an ever increasing number of people are connected to Christ and focus their lives on loving God, loving others, and serving the world. We believe God is moving in our midst and that we are experiencing a “wave” of God’s grace and Spirit as we witness God changing lives and opening doors and opportunities in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are we planning to operate as a dual campus Church with a D Street – Downtown site and The ROC on the Yosemite property? (“One Church, Two Sites”)

We are planning to continue the dual campus approach for 5 years. We are praying that within the next 5 years, God will provide the financing for us to move forward with a 30,000 square foot Multi-purpose building that will enable us to relocate to the Yosemite property.

How much funding is needed to move forward with the development of this Multi-purpose building and the relocation to the Yosemite property?

We are estimating the cost to be around 4 million dollars (it is difficult to estimate building costs 5 years out).

What are the plans for the D Street property when we relocate to the Yosemite property?

The plan at this point is to plant a Hispanic Church at the D Street site and have the property continue as a church impacting the community of Waterford in the name of Jesus Christ. The plan does involve selling the three houses on the west side of D Street at the time of the relocation in order to generate capital for moving forward with development of the Yosemite property.

What is the next phase of development for the Yosemite property?

Completion of the amphitheater and the social overhang for pre and post-service gatherings at the ROC.

How can I help with the development of the Yosemite property?

The Amphitheater (in 2015) • The Multi-purpose Worship Center/Education Building (next 5 years)