Local Missions

Food Pantry Ministry

The Food Pantry Ministry serves the families of the Waterford community through sharing God’s love by providing help with groceries to those in need. Groceries given to those in need two times a month.
Person in Charge: Ron & Jean Kimberling

Hospitality Cafe

This is a place for the pantry guests waiting in line for their bags of groceries for rest, prayer, food, and drink.
Persons in Charge: Phil & Myrna Stine

Clothes Closet

The CBC Clothes Closet Ministry provides clothes for needy families in the Waterford area. Our goal is to meet a need in our community in an atmosphere of love and fellowship that conveys the love of Christ.
Person in Charge: June Crabtree

Meals Ministry

The Meals Ministry is comprised of a group of Godly, caring women who have committed to prepare meals for people in our church fellowship (who do not belong to a Small Group) who experience a debilitating surgery, illness or injury.
Person In Charge: June Crabtree