Small Groups


About our Small Groups

Small Groups are groups of 4–12 people who meet together regularly for:

  • Bible Study
  • Fellowship (Christian Friendship)
  • Prayer

Our groups are intended to help people grow in their faith, to connect people to one another and to the life of our church. We believe people grow spiritually by doing three things:

  • CELEBRATE God’s Love
  • CONNECT to other people
  • CARE for the needs of our church and our community

We believe getting connected into a small group is vital not only for your growth as a believer, but also vital for your connection with the Body of Christ. Our groups offer a variety of topics to study and days to choose from.

Frequent Asked Questions

Do Small Groups provide childcare?
The groups that provide childcare are noted “childcare available”. Click here for the list of small groups currently available.

How do I join a Small Group?
Fill out the form below or contact Pastor Pete Mar.

How long does a group last?
The groups run 12 weeks (3 months) followed by a one month break. This means you aren’t signing your life away. It gives our group leaders and members a break and it also gives new people the opportunity to join.

Should I bring my Bible?
Yes! If you do not have a Bible, the church can provide you one at Guest Relations/Info Table.