The Gospel of Mark: Eyewitness to the Life of Christ – Mark 11:1-11

Pastor Rich brought us back into our series on the Gospel of Mark by walking the church through Mark 11:1-11. This section of Scripture deals with Jesus’ Triumphal entry into Jerusalem on what is now known as “Palm Sunday”. Pastor Rich likened the atmosphere to that of a parade. Pastor Rich’s “Really Big Idea” that he shared with us from this passage of Scripture is that “Expectations and Excitement do not equal Faith.” The congregation was challenged to examine ourselves by asking three simple quetions…

  • Are you a Follower?
  • Are you a Fan?
  • Are you a Foe?

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We hope you enjoy this message but at the same time are as challenged as we were. If you are in the Waterford, CA area please join us for a Sunday worship service. Visit us on the web at

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