The Gospel of Mark: Eyewitness to the life of Christ – Mark 9:30-50

Pastor Rich continued our journey through the Gospel of Mark by walking us through Mark 9:30-50. This weeks sermon centered on the “Really Big Idea” that, “Greatness in the kingdom of God is opposite and in opposition to greatness in this world.” As always we were sent off with three “Taking it Home” points…

  • How would the “least among you describe your character? Your children? Your wife? Your assistant or co-worker? Is there anyone that you feel you could not serve?
  • Is your motivation and empowerment for kindness and service from God? Are you hesitant to put the interests on another person or ministry ahead of your own?
  • Are there things in your life you need to “cut off” in order to travel with a lighter conscience? Is your life and work a pleasing sacrifice to the Lord?

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